HSF and Meldrim Row

HSF partners with City of Savannah to preserve blighted historic property located in historic Meldrim Row.

A historic two-story structure, dating back to the 1800s, has been rescued from the wrecking ball thanks to a partnership between Historic Savannah Foundation and the City of Savannah. Click on the links below to learn more!




City, Historic Savannah Partner To Preserve Building – The Savannah Tribune 3/4/15
A win for preservation, community on MLK – Savannah Morning News 3/1/2015
Savannah to restore historic structure amid police station construction – Savannah Morning News 2/27/2015
City of Savannah partners with HSF to restore, repurpose historic building – WTOC 2/27/2015
Plan To Save Home On Site Of New Central Precinct Building – WSAV 2/27/2015
City of Savannah to build new Central Police Precinct – WJCL 2/27/2015

2014 Annual Appeal Donors

HSF would like to thank everyone who made a contribution to the Annual Appeal. Your assistance demonstrates your commitment to preserving what makes Savannah unique.


Mrs. Emma Adler
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew K. Albert
Mr. and Mrs. John Bishop
Mrs. Martha Blessington-Padilla
Dr. and Mrs. Chad Brock
Mr. Donald Callahan and Mr. Mark O. Conway
Mr. Gary Capen
Mrs. Katherine Chisholm
Colonial Group, Inc.
In memory of Rich Crane
Mr. and Mrs. Glen M. Darbyshire
In honor of Helen Downing
Dulany Industries, Inc.
Susan Erickson
Mr. and Mrs. Gary H. Ford
Gardner Family Foundation
Ms. Alison K. Garnjost
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar L. T. Gay
Dr. Theodora L. Gongaware
Mr. Vincent J. Green III
Mr. Jimmie F. Gross
Mr. Robert L. Harrison
Mr. Doug Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Leftwich Kimbrough
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kole
Lewis Leonard and Patricia Stringer
Mr. Angus C. Littlejohn, Jr.
Ms. Jill Lockwood
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lyman
Mrs. Wallace Lynah
Karen and Sal Martorelli
Leah and Seth Michalak
Mrs. Gay S. Morison
In honor of Jean Morrison and Greg Knott
Mrs. Kathryn A. Murph
Cheri and Mark Nichols
Brooke Nunn
Mr. Allan Peakes
Mr. A. M. Peterson
Col. And Mrs. Henry Reed
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Rosengart
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Sirlin
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Smith
Amy and Christian Sottile
In honor of Christian Sottile
Mrs. Maria T. Sparkman
Mr. Wayne Spear and Mr. Murray Perlman
Mr. and Mrs. Hue Thomas IV
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Tucker
In memory of Ethel Brannen White
Mr. and Mrs. Pendleton P. White
In memory of Raymond Douglas Wood

Support our Annual Appeal!

Click the image below to see our 2014 Annual Report!

Dear HSF Supporter:

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and Staff of Historic Savannah Foundation, we extend sincere thanks for your support of our mission and operations in 2014. Thanks to your generosity, HSF exceeded the matching grant pledge which makes this Annual Appeal the most successful to date. THANK YOU!


There are 52 weeks in a year and HSF packed each one with success—even in the path of an array of hurdles. From challenges to the Height Map and a green light for more hotels along River Street to the sale of half of Broughton Street to a private developer, HSF was up to its neck in issues. And from our Revolving Fund’s purchase and sale of endangered buildings along Whitaker Street to a well-received Realtor training workshop, we went a long way towards fulfilling our mission. In the Chinese tradition, 2014 was the Year of the Horse. Given all we accomplished this past year, we think it’s appropriate because HSF was a workhorse! In Chinese lore, the horse is one who makes unremitting efforts to improve oneself. It is energetic, bright, warm-hearted and able. We agree. And we continue to plod along.

We’re not taking credit for ourselves. We’re acknowledging and thanking you—our members and supporters—for giving us the necessary horsepower to make 2014 a success. Your encouragement, your resources, your helping hands, and your belief in us propels us forward. As you read this report of 52 successes and 12 outstanding highlights, do so with pride because you helped all of this happen in one form or another. If you were a docent at the Davenport House; if you donated to our Annual Appeal; if you helped during Preservation Festival; if you bought a ticket to our Gala; if you helped clean up a veteran’s cottage on Henry Lane; or if you helped pick up litter in Cuyler-Brownville…you advanced HSF.

Thank you for the confidence you placed in us and our programs. Preservation is a chore…like plowing a field. Hold the reins tight, keep a straight line and press on from sunup to sundown. It’s hard work, but we never tire because you are with us every step of the way.


Kathy Horne
Chair, Board of Trustees
Daniel G. Carey
President & CEO

2014 HSF Annual Meeting

CELEBRATE WITH HSF!2014AM-infopage-image1
2014 has been, and continues to be, a remarkable year at HSF and it’s because of our many dedicated volunteers that we can tip our hats to success. Our much anticipated 2014 Annual Meeting will focus on celebrating our volunteers who have enable HSF to fulfill its mission. This year’s meeting will be hosted in a commemorative fashion on the grounds of Mother Mathilda Beasley Park and will have the makings of a great party following a short business program. Please mark your calendars and join us for this special occasion.



When: Thursday, November 20, 2014
Where: Mother Mathilda Beasley Pavilion & Park, 500 East Broad Street
Time: 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Beer, Wine, and Live Music

New and Renewing HSF Members

October 1, 2014 through January 31, 2015


Individual & Household Members

1733 Society Membership

Mrs. Emma Adler
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Allen
Mrs. Carol Sawdye and Mr. Johno Morisano
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Pannell
Ms. Ann Tenenbaum and Mr. Thomas H. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon U. Tenenbaum

Artisan Membership

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip  Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Barber
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Clinard
Dr. Melissa L. Cobbs and Dr. Christopher E. Walls
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. Johnson

Conservator Membership

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Belliveau
Mr. and Mrs. Scott K. Boice
Mr. and Mrs. W. Park Callahan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. James Fredrick
Mr. and Mrs. Judy R. Ochsner
Mr. Stuart Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rooney
Mr. and Mrs. G. Mason White
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Williams
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Zoller

Hearth (Family)

Dr. and Mrs. D. Stephen Acuff
Mr. and Mrs. L. Thomas Block
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brown
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Bushnell
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Capen
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coker
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Compton, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Cording
James  B. Farmer
Ms. Liles C. George
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hoppe, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Howe
Sonchia Jelik
Mr. Felton Jenkins III
Ms. Cindy Kelley and Mr. Ken Zapp
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Meighan
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Olson
Ms. Lucy Sheils
Ms. Shea Slemmer
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Steffen Jr.
The Kaminsky Family
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Vinyard
The Revs. Michael and Helen White
Dr. and Mrs. Fremont P. Wirth

Sustainer Individual Membership

Mr. James A. Abraham
Ms. Nancy S. Boyd
Mrs. Frank A. Chisholm
Ms. Dorothy S. Colling
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Dickinson
Governomics, LLC
Allison Hersh
Dr. Russell Ivy
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Lynch
James A. D. Cox and Ronald C. Melander
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wilson Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Ali Nasr
Dr. Paul Pressly
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Radke
Ms. Beverley C. Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Scott
Mrs. Lois Wooten

13th Colony (Young Professionals)

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew K. Albert
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Bulsiewicz
Ms. Rebecca Fenwick
Ms. Nancy Fullbright and Mr. Peter Hendy
Ms. Alison K. Garnjost
Mr. and Mrs. John Harper
Miss Shannon G. Lancaster
Jessica Leavitt
Mr. Tommy Linstroth
Ms. Beth Longley
Mr. Colby Longley
Ms. Meghan E. Lowe
Mrs. Megan Manly
Mr. Thomas Waters

Preserver Individual

Mrs. Donna R. Adamson
Mr. Gustavo Arias
Mr. Peyton R. Bacon, III
Ms. Becky Barbee
Mrs. Martha A. Barnes
Brenda D. Boyd
Mr. Michael Brown
Mrs. Stephen R. Burke
Denise Carlier
Mr. Don Cellini
Mr. Giuliano Clo and Ms. Katia Galdino
Mr. and Mrs. Dalvio Clo
Ms. Jewell Dobbs
Mr. George Doerner
Ms. Susan Lowrey Flaherty and Mr. Frank J. Eckel
Ms. Valerie G. Edgemon
Mr. and Mrs. J. Christopher Everard
Mr. Hugh S. Golson
Elyse Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Henneman
Mrs. Suzanne Hirst-Plucker
Ms. Ann Howell
Mr. Keith Howington
Mr. Sigmund Hudson
Mr. Kevin L. Iocovozzi
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jolley
Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Jones, Jr.
Mr. Andrew Berrien Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lamar
Ms. Laura C. Lawton
Mrs. Jeanne R. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Levy
Ms. Margaret Livingston
Dr. Brian Luckett
Mrs. Malcolm Maclean
Mr. Sam McCachern
Mr. Mark McNutt
Ms. Linda Lane Meyer
On the Corner, LLC.
Mr. Julian Patterson
Mr. Guy Perrow
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Perry
Mrs. Barbara Powers
Mr. and Mrs. Erik E. Puljung
Mr. Lee Noonburg and Ms. Valerie Rollins
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Severance
Mrs. Phyllis S. Skeffington
Ms. Mary Ann Smith
Ms. May Ann Smith
Mrs. Victoria Smoke
Melissa Stanford
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stegall
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Stubbs, Jr.
Mrs. Gemma Towle
Mr. and Dr. Richard L. Wallace
Mr. J. Mitchell Waters
Ms. Susan Skardon White
Mr. and Mrs. Joel M. Wittkamp
Mrs. Ardis Ann H. Wood


Mr. Matthew Finley
Ms. Kelsey Higgason

Corporate Members

1733 Society Corporate Membership

Critz Auto Group
Seacrest Partners, Inc.

Guardian Corporate Membership

Old Town Trolley Tours

Protector Corporate Membership

Savannah Distributing Company
Tidewater Landscape Management, Inc.

Advocate Corporate Membership

Bloomquist Construction, Inc.
Brown Design Studio, LLC
Garbutt Construction Company
Ellsworth-Hallett, LLC
Green Truck Pub
Guerry Lumber Company
Gunn, Meyerhoff & Shay, Architects
Hansen Architects, P.C.
Lane, Clark & Company Real Estate Appraisers
MCS Recruitment
Savannah Kitchen & Bath, LLC
Savannah Tire
Tharpe Engineering Group
Thomas J. Sheehan Insurance, Inc.

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