2205 & 2207 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

The Thorpe House
BUILT: 1901
DISTRICT: Cuyler-Brownville
SQUARE FOOTAGE: 1,712 sq. ft.
Lot Size: 2,400 sq. ft.
Single Family: 3 Beds / 2 baths
Potential Duplex Conversion: 2 beds / 1 bath each unit
Zoning: TC-1

760 E. Duffy Street

Andrew Wright House
BUILT: 1912
DISTRICT: Eastside
SQUARE FOOTAGE: 2,088 sq. ft.
Zoning: TR-2
Single-Family potential: 3 beds/2 baths

706 E. Henry Street

T.S. Whitfield House
BUILT: 1903
DISTRICT: Eastside
SQUARE FOOTAGE: 2,513 sq. ft.
Zoning: TR-2
Single Family: 5 beds/2 baths
Suggested Minimum Bid: $115,000

633 E. Anderson

Victorian Workers Cottage
BUILT: prior to 1898
SQUARE FOOTAGE: 1,133 sq. ft.

208 W. 40th

Louis Harford House
BUILT: 1897
DISTRICT: Thomas Square
SQUARE FOOTAGE: 1,946 sq. ft.

1807 MLK Blvd.

BUILT: c.1886
DISTRICT: Cuyler-Brownville
SQUARE FOOTAGE: 738 sq. ft.

208 W. 37th

Richard Webb House
BUILT: 1903
DISTRICT: Thomas Square
SQUARE FOOTAGE: 2,586 sq. ft.

645 E. Anderson Street

Victorian worker's cottage
BUILT: Prior to 1898
SQUARE FOOTAGE: 726 sq. ft.

510 E. Jones Street

Low/Tobias House
BUILT: 1871
DISTRICT: National Landmark
SQUARE FOOTAGE: 2,160 sq. ft.

625 E. Broad Street

Goetke/Jackson Cottage
BUILT: 1898
DISTRICT: National Landmark
SQUARE FOOTAGE: 1,450 sq. ft.

1316/18 Price Street

Farr/Dancy Duplex
BUILT: c.1900
DISTRICT: Victorian
SQUARE FOOTAGE: 1,964 sq. ft.

105 E. 39th Street

Ernest A. Armand House
BUILT: c.1898
DISTRICT: Thomas Square Streetcar
SQUARE FOOTAGE: 1,764 sq. ft.

521 E. Bolton Street

Newton R. Yonge House
BUILT: 1900
DISTRICT: Victorian
SQUARE FOOTAGE: 1,982 sq. ft.

All Revolving Fund properties are sold via an RFP (Request for Proposal). The process is open to the public for a finite amount of time, usually five weeks. Anyone interested in purchasing the property may submit a proposal during that time.

Proposals can be submitted by hand or online by completing the formal application. The highest scoring proposal, based on a 100 point scale, is selected.

  • 25 points for the bid amount. There is no list price, but rather a “suggested minimum bid”
  • 25 points for past experience with historic rehab or home renovation
  • 25 points for the proposed end-use of the property and preservation plan
  • 25 points for committee discretion based on their knowledge and experience

The winning proposal is selected by a volunteer committee of nine professionals from diverse fields including preservationists, architects, contractors, realtors, and attorneys. Applicants are informed of the committee’s final determination no more than 30 days after the RFP deadline.

If you have any questions about this process or available properties, please contact the Director of Preservation & Historic Properties, Ryan Arvay, at rarvay@myHSF.org.