This is what the house will look like once restored.

208 West 37th Street

Vacant for several years, and falling further and further into disrepair, the Revolving Fund acquired this property in September 2018 after working for over a year to settle probate issues and an outstanding loan.  Unfortunately, just two months after we finally acquired the house, it fell victim to a fire set by transients.  The fire badly damaged the rear wing of the house and took off the entire roof.  Initially HSF thought it might be a complete loss, but instead of demolishing the house we hired local non-profit Re: Purpose Savannah to deconstruct it.  As they worked, it was evident that the main structure of the house was in good enough shape to rehab it.  We knew that despite the extensive damage, we would end up with a bigger, better house if it were rehabbed rather than new construction.  The current owner remains dedicated to rehabbing the building and is currently working with HSF on the design.  We hope to see work commence by the summer.