760 East Duffy Street

This home is one of six identical houses identified by HSF within the neighborhood.  This one was built in 1912 by the Standard Investment Co.  It was first purchased by a young newlywed couple – Andrew F. Wright and his bride Mabel.  Andrew was a post office clerk.  In 1917 Andrew registered for the draft (World War I).  He passed away the following year, not from battle, but from another peril of his era – Influenza (the Spanish Flu).  He was 27.  Mabel took in boarders to help cover household expenses. It is believed she might be the one who converted the house into a duplex.  When HSF acquired the property in 2020, it was still a duplex.  HSF sold it to a preservation-minded buyer in 2021. As part of this rehab, the current owner is restoring the original single-family floor plan.