The Sky is Falling!

June 30th, 2014

Sky is falling imagePlunk.  I’m not Chicken Little and this is not a fable.  I wish it were.  Nope, I’m afraid it’s true.  The sky is falling…falling right on Savannah’s head.  I wonder if that plummeting sky will knock some sense into our head.  I can only hope.  In the meantime, if you’re keeping score…

  1. The height map that governs how tall buildings can be in the Landmark District was recently and rather casually discarded by City Council.  Soon enough, it seems that Savannah will have riverfront buildings that can actually touch the sky.  Oh sure, proponents will tell you it’s for a $200 million investment and 800 jobs, but was there only one way to get to this result?  Was there no room for compromise?  read more…

Federal Historic Tax Credit Threatened

June 30th, 2014

The federal historic tax credit (HTC) is facing an unprecedented threat. The U.S. House of Representatives’ tax writing committee is considering repeal of the HTC as part of a broader proposal to comprehensively reform the tax code and we need your help to protect it.

Since being signed into law by President Reagan, the HTC has attracted $109 billion in private investment toward the rehabilitation of nearly 40,000 historic commercial buildings in the U.S., creating 2.4 million jobs and sparking downtown revitalization nationwide. By providing an incentive to reuse historic buildings in exchange for retaining their historic character, the credit has made possible the reuse of vacant historic mills, warehouses, theaters and office buildings around the country. The result is new life for our nation’s historic resources and a host of other benefits, including population growth, new businesses, an increased tax base and a boost in property values.

In Georgia, every $1 million in historic preservation creates 16.3 jobs during construction with a payroll of $811,000. It also provides 7.5 permanent jobs and ultimately adds $558,000 to Georgia state tax revenues. In Savannah, 140 historic tax credit projects were completed between 2001 and 2013, resulting in $85,857,556 in development expenditures, 1,318 jobs created and $47,456,100 generated in household income.*


In recognition of the tremendous importance of the credit and the growing threat to it, the National Trust has assigned “Watch Status” to the federal historic tax credit as part of its 2014 list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places. read more…

2014 Historic Savannah Foundation Gala

June 30th, 2014

2014-Gala-Page-Header-Image-600pxOne of our community’s most beloved events, simply known as “The Gala,” is hosted by Historic Savannah Foundation (HSF) to celebrate what makes our city special and to raise the funds necessary to allow HSF to fulfill its mission.  Each year, a venue is selected for its relevance in history and preservation to the community.

This year’s Gala will be celebrated on Saturday, October 18th in Chatham Square in historic downtown Savannah. See Gala details on the event page. The Gala Committee selected Chatham Square to showcase the impact of “The Big Save,” which took place nearly 50 years ago.  In the early 1960’s, Armstrong College planned to expand their campus and demolish most of the buildings on Bull Street north to Liberty Street, including Gordon Row, which serves as the southern boundary of Chatham Square. read more…

Hands on History Camp 2014

June 30th, 2014

Another year of exciting adventures!

IMG_2619Our 2014 edition of Hands on History camp was a definitely a hit! During the week of June 2-6 HSF hosted a group of young preservationists-in-training for exciting field trips and hands-on activities during our Hands on History Camp. Underwritten by Rives E. Worrell Company, and supported as part of our Hands on History Program by Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, campers were able to visit historic sites ranging from the Georgia State Railroad Museum in downtown Savannah to Fort Pulaski on Cockspur Island. read more…

Davenport House News

June 30th, 2014

IMG_8844-webAdios Amigos:  Michael Jordan and Family Are Headed to Tennessee

Don’t you love it when you find a colleague who knows exactly what you are talking about even when your words are clumsy and half-baked?  On those occasions there is synergy.  You don’t have to ask (or think), “Do you know what I mean?”  because that person gets the idea and can run with it.  Michael Jordan, film-maker and owner of Cosmos Mariner Production, has been that colleague for the DH as well as the whole of Savannah’s museum community for over a decade.

For the past four years Jordan’s work in association with videographer Nate Nauert has made an impact by raising the Museum (and HSF’s)’s profile in the community.  First he made the video The Historic Savannah Foundation Story which the DH uses in an abbreviated 7-minute form as a preview for tour groups and which HSF uses the 15-minute version as a distillation of the organization’s history.  read more…

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