606, 620, & 634 W. 42nd Street


West 42nd Street Shotguns

BUILT: c.1901
DISTRICT: Cuyler-Brownville
SQUARE FOOTAGE: 936 sq. ft.
Zoning: TR-1
Single-Family: 2 bed, 1 bath (each)

The Opportunity
HSF is pleased to present a unique development opportunity to create affordable housing and restore three Victorian-era homes on the 600 block of West 42nd Street in historic Cuyler-Brownville. These properties are centrally located and are within walking distance from numerous restaurants, local businesses, SCAD buildings, and near a CAT bus route. Certain incentives are available including state and federal rehabilitation tax credits and technical assistance from HSF throughout the whole process.

The buyer is expected to redevelop all three properties as affordable housing under covenants for 10 years (see below for details). All properties will also be subject to a preservation easement held by HSF in perpetuity (see below for details).  All properties are to be sold in as-is condition, no warranties.

Minimum bid is $75,000 (These three properties are being sold together. Individual offers will not be considered.)  The deadline to submit a proposal is midnight. Friday, January 28, 2022. 

These properties were all built in 1901 as three of 18 identical shotguns on the 600 Block of West 42nd Street.  Mostly associated with New Orleans, the “shotgun” style house, as they are referred to, is fairly unusual in Savannah.  Their narrow form is characterized by a long side-hall off single rooms stacked three or more deep.  These small shotguns were first home to working class African Americans. 606 W. 42nd was home to T.E. Hurst, 620 W. 42nd was home G.R. Cheney, 634 W. 34th was home to carpenter Clyde Eddy.  All three were African American.  Cuyler-Brownville is a historically African-American neighborhood dating back to the late 19th century.  As the name implies, it is the result of two land developments, which have now grown into one community rich in history and character. The neighborhood’s heritage is the direct result of the migration of freed slaves from farms and barrier islands into Savannah following the Civil War. Cuyler-Brownville was far enough southwest of Savannah that an African-American community could grow and develop independently. It was developed and built by and for all classes of African-Americans in the community.

Affordable Housing Requirement
HSF is requiring the potential buyer of these properties to develop them as affordable housing.  During the “Affordability Period” (10 years), the Purchaser or any successor or assign must abide by the following parameters:

  • 100% of the units developed must have a rent not exceeding the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) published Fair Market Rents for Chatham County.
  • Those same units must abide by the following income eligibility standards; Those units must not have a household income that exceeds 120% AMI (Area Median Income).
    If at any point during the tenants’ occupancy, after initially meeting income eligibility, their household income increases to exceed 200% AMI or more, they will no longer be eligible to remain in said unit.
  • Tenants will then have until the end of that lease period to relocate. Upon verifying income eligibility, the Purchaser is not to extend the lease of any tenant who exceeds this threshold. Tenant is to be made aware of this term of occupancy prior to moving in.
  • The aforementioned standards of affordability apply to the real estate of the property during the Affordability Period.

Preservation Easement Requirements
As a condition of sale, Historic Savannah Foundation will place a protective easement on all properties, which requires HSF’s review and approval of any new construction; or changes to the existing historic building (to include oversight of certain interior elements). The easement is a legally enforceable deed restriction and runs with the property in perpetuity. Per the easement, substantial work on the subject properties must commence within 5 months of closing, and completed within 18 months of that same date.

3D Tour of 606 W. 42nd

3D Tour of 620 W. 42nd

3D Tour of 634 W. 42nd

View Floor Plans – 606 W. 42nd and 620 W. 42nd and 634 W. 42nd

Additional Resources

County Property Card – 606 W. 42nd and 620 W. 42nd and 634 W. 42nd

Google Maps View of Property 606 W. 42nd and 620 W. 42nd and 634 W. 42nd

HSF “Request for Alterations/Repair to Property Under Easement or Covenant” Form & Application

Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation

National Park Service “Preservation Briefs”

Draft of an HSF Conservation Easement

Affordability Covenants

If you have any questions about the process or property, please contact Ryan Jarles at rjarles@myhsf.org or call 912-233-7787.

Scoring System

HSF’s Revolving Fund Committee will review proposals using a 100-point scoring system based on the following: bid amount (25 points); past experience with historic properties (25 points); intended end-use and preservation plan (25 points); committee discretion based on their knowledge and experience with projects of this kind (25 points).

The deadline for submitting complete bid packages is midnight on Friday, January 28, 2022. Offers can be submitted on-line or by mail to HSF’s office @ 321 E. York St., Savannah, GA 31401