2017 Award Nomination Information


Nominated projects must have been completed within the past three years.

Nominations submitted previously that were not selected to receive an award may be revised, expanded, and resubmitted.

Nominations for individuals or organizations may be made without the knowledge of the nominee, however nominations for projects must have the consent of the owner of the property for the purposes of the nomination. Self-nominations will be accepted.

Nominations are open only to Historic Savannah Foundation members. Click here for more information about joining.

Judging Criteria

Award winners will have adhered to the applicable Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Preserving, Rehabilitating, Restoring or Reconstructing historic buildings. For more information on these standards visit http://www.nps.gov/tps/standards.htm.

Historic Savannah Foundation Preservation Awards are judged for the success they have achieved in the preservation, rehabilitation, restoration, and interpretation of our architectural and cultural heritage. The general evaluation criteria include:

  1. Quality and degree of difficulty of the nominee’s project or effort.
  2. Degree to which the nominee’s project or effort is unusual or pioneering, or serves as an example that influences good preservation practices in others.
  3. Demonstrable impact of nominee’s project or effort on the community.

A jury of local professionals is invited each year to review nominations for HSF’s Preservation Awards. Although the composition of the jury changes from year to year, Historic Savannah Foundation strives to achieve balanced representation from the related disciplines of architecture, preservation and planning.

Nomination Guidelines

These categories are meant to guide applicants on the basis for which awards are given. Nominations should fall under at least one category to be eligible for an award.

RESTORATION – Work that allows for the depiction of a building at a particular time in its history by preserving materials from the period of significance and removing material from other periods.

REHABILITATION – Work that acknowledges the need to alter or add to a historic property to meet continuing or new uses while retaining the building’s historic character. Adaptive use falls under this category.

NEW CONSTRUCTION – Work that is visually compatible in height, mass, scale and materials with the surrounding historic buildings within the immediate context.

STEWARDSHIP – Work that shows consistent and careful maintenance and enhancement of a historic site or monument in Savannah or Chatham County.

CRAFTSMANSHIP – Work that shows mastering of a building arts trade that has enhanced the practice of preservation in Savannah or Chatham County.

ARCHAEOLOGY – Work that meets the Secretary of the Interior’s standards for Archeology on major projects in Savannah and the surrounding historic areas.

Submission Criteria

In addition to the application form please submit the following:

• $30 non-refundable nomination fee. (Please make checks payable to Historic Savannah Foundation).

• A concise summary (1000 words or less) of the project, program, organization, or individual that is being nominated. Please submit as a Microsoft Word file on a disk or thumb-drive. This description/narrative should address the following:
For nominated projects or programs: explain the project, work completed, and why the project is noteworthy, including challenges overcome, unique strategies and activities carried out, impact that this project has had on the community or immediate neighborhood, and a BRIEF architectural or historical significance of the structure. If the nominee is an individual or organization, describe their accomplishments and contributions to the area of historic preservation. Ideally the work and achievement of the nominee should span a period of time and reflect a range of different projects.

• No more than sixteen (16) digital JPEG images at a minimum resolution of 250 dpi and a document including photo captions. Please submit on a disk or thumb-drive. Submissions will not be returned.
For projects please submit “before” and “after” images that capture the essence of the project.  All images should be clearly titled in the file name by address or project name and designated as “before” or “after.”  Ideally, “after” images should directly relate to “before” images.
Nominations for individual achievement must include at least two different head shots of the nominee. The balance should illustrate the body of work for which the individual is being nominated, including shots of the nominee actively engaged in the work, if possible. All images should be clearly titled in the file name by name of nominee.

• Supporting brochures, news clippings, letters of support and listing of any awards received will be accepted, if applicable.

• Include contact information (name, phone number and e-mail address) for Owner, Architect, Contractor and other project partners, if applicable.

• A Primary Contact must be identified for all nominations for projects. This person does not need to be the applicant but must be aware of the nomination. This person will be responsible for communication with other project partners and must be available to meet on site with an HSF representative during the evaluation process. HSF will contact the Primary Contact to arrange a date and time for the site visit. These site visits will last approximately 30 minutes based on the scale of the project. All site visits must be completed by March 9, 2017.

Nomination Procedures and Key Dates

The 2017 Preservation Awards nominations are now closed  Award announcements and presentations will be made at HSF’s Preservation Awards Luncheon on May 12, 2017. The 2018 Preservation Awards program will launch in January 2018.  To review copies of the 2017 forms, please see below.

Nomination Forms

There are two different nomination forms; one for projects and one for individuals or organizations. Please select and submit the applicable form for your nomination. Note that the submission criteria outline specific requirements depending on which type of nomination you make.


Project Nomination Form 2017
Individual/Organization Nomination Form 2017


For more information or questions about nominations contact Danielle Meunier, Preservation & Education Coordinator, at dmeunier@myHSF.org or call 912-233-7787.