2016 Annual Appeal Donors

February 7th, 2017

annual appeal

We are grateful for the many supporters and the generous contributions to our year-end appeal.  We surpassed our goal, raising close to $24k to help with annual operations.  Your generosity and belief in us is humbling.

Mr. James R. Abraham
Mrs. Emma Adler
Ms. Evelina Altschiller
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis G. Anderson
Mr. Robert K. Bell, Jr.
Mr. Lee N. Bledsoe
In memory of Mrs. Laura Virginia Blessington
Dr. and Mrs. Chad Brock
In memory of Mr. William Park Callahan
In honor of Mr. Daniel G. Carey
Dr. Susan R. and Mr. Thomas A. Colgrove
Colonial Foundation, Inc.
In memory of Mr. James “Jim” A.D. Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Coy
Mr. and Mrs. Archie H. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Asa B. Davis
Dr. H. Clark Deriso
Garbutt Construction Company
The Gardner Family Foundation
Ms. Alison K. Garnjost
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar L.T Gay
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gross
Mr. Kent M. Harrington
Mr. Robert L. Harrison
Mr. Michael Higgins
Carolyn Hultman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Izlar
Mr. James Kidd
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kole
Mrs. Jeanne R. Lee
Mr. Timothy Metcalf
Mrs. Joan Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Ali M. Nasr
Mr. Robert E. Neumann
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Nichols
Mrs. Judy Ochsner
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Pannell
Dr. Melissa C. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Allan L. Peakes
In memory of Dr. Harry Schipps
In honor of Mr. Christian Sottile
Mrs. Maria T. Sparkman
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Sullivan
Dr. and Mrs. Roland S. Summers
Mr. and Mrs. Hue Thomas, III
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Thorpe Jr.
In memory of Ethel Brannen White
Mr. and Mrs. Pendleton P. White
Mrs. Suzanne H. Williams
Mr. Walter G.B. Wright