My HSF Story



Susan Hancock’s Story

“Our firm is proud to support Historic Savannah Foundation and to help protect our city’s historic architecture, remarkable beauty and innovative city plan. HSF is dedicated to preserving Savannah’s history and serves as an important economic driver in our region.”

- Susan Hancock
President of Abshire Public Relations







Christopher Cay’s Story

“Having grown up in the historic district, I have seen firsthand how it has evolved and changed while maintaining the unique character of Savannah. We have something very special here in Savannah and it must be preserved for future generations, as past generations had the foresight to protect and preserve it for us. Cities all over the country are trying to recreate the unique thing that we have here: a vibrant community where you can live, work, play, ride your bike, walk etc. – all among beautiful outdoor spaces that serve the public and private needs alike.
Will you join us in helping preserve Savannah and it’s legacy?”

- Christopher Cay



Olivier Maene’s Story

“Last week I got the opportunity to participate as a docent in the Savannah Tour of Homes and Gardens; I was stationed at 424 E. President Street. I was referred to the Historic Savannah Foundation by one of my professors at SCAD and it turned out to be a great experience. I had the chance to hone my public speaking and tour leading skills and, on top of that, I got to meet some great people, both volunteers and the hospitable homeowners. I would like to extend a warm thank you to everyone at the Historic Savannah Foundation for providing me with an opportunity like this and for letting me, as an Architectural History student, give something back to the community..”

- Olivier Maene




Robin Whitmer’s Story

“My husband and I moved from Denver Colorado to Savannah in 2002 so I could pursue my masters in historic preservation at SCAD. We left our careers behind, fulfilling a dream to live and work in the city that first captured my heart in 1997. Brian jokes I only fall in love with buildings that are falling apart. Guilty, but what I see are buildings not for what they are, but for what they were and could be again. The Foundation’s stewardship for Savannah’s heritage and its ability to ignite community involvement in the exciting process of preservation is inspiring. I am proud to be a new member and look forward to joining the Foundation and its members maintain Savannah’s allure.”

- Robin Whitmer




Nicole Dumont’s Story

“My friend and colleague Whitney and I got involved with the HSF and the 13th Colony , as we feel it is important that our generation ‘carries the HSF torch’ into the future with events like the Modern Home Tour and partnerships like the one with DOCOMOMO. Events like these will attract the “Mad Men” generation of our peers and help to shape the future of Savannah and HSF.”

- Nicole Dumont







Cornelia Stumpf’s Story

“Second time around – this is my motto for Savannah. Having lived from 1997- 2002 in the Historic District, in one of the first renovated Victorian Homes, coming back to Savannah in 2010 was a sweet experience. Over the years I realized as well, that Savannah is not only the Historic and Victorian district, but has great suburbs with areas like Kensington Park, Fairway Oaks, Magnolia Park and Windsor Forrest, which are part of the historic, architectural heritage of our city. Joining the HSF was a logical step to share my passion for the other historic architecture (mid-century modern) of Savannah, by rehabilitating a 54 year old dilapidated home back to its 1950s glory.”

- Cornelia Stumpf




The Wades’ Story

“We moved to Savannah,in part, because of the beautiful historic districts and the everyday sense of history all around, so getting involved in Historic Savannah Foundation was a natural fit for us. We expected to learn more about Savannah through its historic buildings and the preservation effort, but what we did not expect is that the people of HSF embody the spirit, hospitality, and generosity of Savannah. Here, we found a group that loves Savannah and is always willing to go the extra mile for their mission”

- Dr. Drew Wade and Mrs. Julie Wade




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