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Georgia Historic Preservation Handbook

An introductory guide to historic preservation for the state of Georgia, compiled by the Fox Theatre Institute, Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation and Historic Preservation Division, Georgia Department of Natural Resources. This handbook defines the roles of various federal, state and local organizations, outlines guidelines and regulations and creates a directory of historic preservation partners. You can view it online on the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation’s  website here: Georgia Historic Preservation Handbook.

Common Repairs for Historic Buildings

The link below contains information regarding commonly needed repairs as determined during HSF’s 2010 Easement and Covenant inspections.

Common Repairs for Historic Buildings


Historic Windows

For information about the environmental impact, efficiency and cost-savings of repairing your historic old windows instead of replacing them visit the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Windows Guide.

More Resources on Historic Windows:

Lead Paint

The National Trust recently launched an online Lead Paint Guide to help preservationists and property owners learn more about the new EPA Renovation, Repair, and Painting rule that mandates stricter lead-safe work practices for older properties. The guide includes the following links:

  • Lead-Safe Practices for Older & Historic Buildings
  • Lead Paint: What’s at Stake?
  • Understanding New Regulations
  • Ten Basic Tips for Lead-Safe Practices
  • FAQ for Homeowners
  • FAQ for Contractors
  • Additional Lead Paint Resources