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June 28th, 2016

Gaye KurmasMeet Gaye Kurmas, Shop Manager, Davenport House Museum

Gaye came to the Davenport House as a volunteer docent in February and has since made her way into the role of Shop Manager.  She has a wealth of experience to draw on including an accounting degree and MLIS (Masters of Library and Information Science) degree.  She and her husband have been residents of the Landmark Historic District for three years.    She is a seasoned library branch manager whose ordered thinking and unflappability will serve the DH well.  In her interview she said that, “Many people think that librarians are in the book business which is not true.  They are in the information business and that is what museums are as well!” read more…

HSF Letter to the Mayor

January 27th, 2016

CLICK TO PREVIEW THE REPORT! In early January, on the eve of Eddie DeLoach’s inauguration, HSF sent a welcome letter to Mayor DeLoach and the new Council members.  Here is a synopsis of the key points raised in that letter.

HSF plays an important role in preserving and protecting not only Savannah’s heritage, but Savannah’s internationally renowned brand.  Much of our city’s identity is tied to its history, its Oglethorpe Plan and its variety of well-preserved buildings, and HSF jealously guards those treasures.  We do so by protecting the integrity of this special place that thousands are fortunate to call home and millions more love to visit.

We look forward to working with you, your administration, and a new City Council as we advance mutually identified goals and objectives.  We stand ready to serve, so please take advantage of our expertise in preservation and planning.

We know there are a number of pressing issues facing the City’s leadership in the coming months (e.g., public safety), and we know you are establishing priorities for addressing them.  HSF would like to lend its support to you in that effort, and we would like to outline three topics that also deserve attention as this community thinks about its long-term future: 1) managing tourism, 2) curbing blight, and 3) facilitating sensitive new development.  Each issue is briefly outlined below and HSF commits to working with you to help bring immediate and measurable progress towards resolving them. read more…

Neighborhood Revitalization Program

January 27th, 2016

Originally published in the Fall 2015 issue of “NC Preservation Magazine.” View the original article here (begins on page 7).


Neighborhood Revitalization Program

by Myrick Howard, President, Preservation North Carolina

One of the principal beneficiaries of the renewed tax credits over the next four years might be some of North Carolina’s more challenging neighborhoods.

Reviving troubled neighborhoods is tough.  For starters, you can’t necessarily get agreement on what you want to achieve.  Further, success is dependent on numerous players, and it requires years of steady commitment, despite occasional setbacks.   And then, you throw in the competing economic interests of homeowners, developers and investors, and you have a real quagmire.

The easy answer would be to throw up your hands and quit.

Over the last year Preservation North Carolina (PNC) has been developing a comprehensive Neighborhood Revitalization Program, based on its previous experiences and its preservation goals. read more…

Seacrest Race for Preservation

January 27th, 2016

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On February 27th, experience this exciting family-friendly event in historic Forsyth Park!
Register today!

read more…

New Staff Member: Kimberly Newbold

January 27th, 2016

IMG_3502_croppedKimberly Newbold has recently joined HSF as our Administrative Assistant. Kimberly grew up in Jesup, Georgia and moved to Savannah shortly after graduating from high school. She worked as a paralegal for many years before leaving the work force to raise her two children, Eva and Will, who are now both college students. Before joining the HSF staff, Kimberly volunteered extensively with HSF and was awarded the 2015 Nichola Parker Coe Volunteer of the Year Award.

Kimberly officially joined the HSF team in November 2015. As the Administrative Assistant, she will be the primary point of contact for members, visitors and callers to HSF. She will assist Finance Director, James Kidd, with finances and administration, and also handle all book and merchandise sales, assist with program and event operations, and maintain office efficiency.


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